Bill Barton comes to Trial Guides

William Barton, is one of the leading lawyers in the United States with over 500 trials to his credit. He is the best selling author of Recovering for Psychological Injuries, one of the best selling legal texts of its day, and cited by Rick Friedman as a "must read." Barton is releasing the third edition of Recovering for Psychological Injuries with Trial Guides in cooperation with the American Association for Justice.  The prior edition was published by AAJ's predecessor, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Bill Barton is known as the leading lawyer in the United States for sexual abuse and exploitation cases.  He was the first to bring a successful action against the Boy Scouts of America for the sexual abuse of a child, and has played a critical part in ensuring the public learned of the historical sex abuse in the Catholic Church.  The third edition of Recovering for Psychological Injuries updates psychological concepts including important information about PTSD litigation.  The book also updates psychological diagnoses using the DSM-IV.

Barton has also chosen Trial Guides as publisher for his second book, Integrated Advocacy, a book on a new method of litigation he has created.