Recovering for Psychological Injuries

William A. Barton

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Recovering for Psychological Injuries is one of the bestselling trial strategy books ever written. While the book was originally known for its use in psychological injury cases, readers soon learned it had a much broader appeal for its wise advice on case preparation, dealing with experts, researching insurance issues, jury selection, and a wide range of other issues. Rules of the Road author Rick Friedman has called the book "a true masterpiece."

Recovering for Psychological Injuries, Third Edition, updates and broadens the scope of the book for a new generation of lawyers. Drawing upon his experience in over five hundred jury trials, Barton instructs you on how to handle all the aspects of a case. In addition, Barton has several new sections with detailed advice on litigating cases, illustrated by cases he has handled in the twenty years since the last edition. The new book reflects Barton's wisdom gained from handling difficult factual cases, and broadens its application to a wide variety of litigation.

Recovering for Psychological Injuries is full of the strategies and techniques you need in today's legal field to win, even in your most challenging cases.

Hardcover: 804 pages; 3rd edition (2010); ISBN: 978-1934833025
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC; AAJ
  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Part I: Deciding to Take the Case
  4. Quantitative v. Qualitative
  5. Eleven Commandments, Cautions, and Questions
  6. DSM-IV-TR
  7. Lawyers and Experts
  8. Staffing for Psychological Injury Cases
  9. Liability for Psychic Trauma
  10. Preexisting Emotional Conditions
  11. Is This a Feasible, Triable Case?
  12. Securing Insurance Coverage
  13. Defense by Intimidation
  14. Defensive Lawyering
  15. Part II: Working on the Case
  16. Where to Try the Case
  17. Discovery Questions for Experts
  18. Mediation and Negotiation
  19. Suggestions to Experts Preparing to Testify
  20. A Process for Jury Selection
  21. Opening Statement
  22. The Case in Chief
  23. The Treating Physician as Witness
  24. Cross-Examination: Preparing for Defense Experts
  25. Catastrophic Injuries and Loss of Consortium
  26. Suggested Instructions with Comments
  27. Closing Arguments
  28. Part III: Special Cases
  29. Common Rules of Evidence in Sexual Exploitation Cases
  30. Part IV: The Sexually Abused Child
  31. Sexual Abuse Cases: The Oregon Experience
  32. Trends in Sexual Abuse Litigation
  33. Jack Doe 4 v. Boy Scouts of America
  34. The Sexual Abuse Cases Against the Vatican
  35. Civil Recovery for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse
  36. Liability Analysis of Institutional Defendants
  37. Establishing the Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children
  38. Practice Tips for Child Sexual Abuse Cases
  39. Closing Argument in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
  40. Part V: The Therapist as Defendant
  41. Sexual Abuse of Patients by Therapists
  42. Discovery Questions in Cases Against Therapists
  43. Closing Argument in Sexually Abused Patient Cases
  44. Appendices
    1. Direct Testimony of Plaintiff’s Expert A
    2. Direct Testimony of Plaintiff’s Expert B
    3. Psychological Concepts
  45. Conclusion
  46. Glossary

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

Bill Barton has been a leader in handling psychological injuries for decades. He put his knowledge and techniques into the superb best seller Recovering for Psychological Injuries, and now he brings us the third edition. While it is said you cannot improve on perfection, he has done it! Do yourself a favor—read this book cover to cover. Your clients will thank you.

— Gary M. Paul, president of the American Association for Justice (2011)
Sonny N.
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Love these videos! A timeless
Love these videos! A timeless treasure to the profession.
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Neil O.
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Great book from an expert
Great book from an expert author. Very helpful. Neil O’Donnell
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Cullen M.
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Great Book
Great Book
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Russell G.
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Recovering for Psychological Injuries
This book implicates each and every one of my cases. I mean, what is 'pain and suffering' after all? Mr. Barton's book however, as Rick Friedman observes, extends far beyond its title and personifies the author's earnest belief in humanity, deep intelligence
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