Fredilyn Sison

Fredilyn Sison

Trial Lawyer

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Cornell University (with honors) New York University School of Law


Fredilyn Sison is an honors graduate of Cornell University and New York University School of Law. For most of her career, she has been a public defender, a job she loves. She has served as an assistant federal defender in the Districts of Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada and she is currently an assistant federal defender and training coordinator for the Federal Defenders of Western North Carolina in Asheville. In 2005, she was visiting counsel at the Defender Training Branch and at the U.S. Sentencing Commission in Washington, D.C. She has also worked as a state public defender, a juvenile prosecutor, and an associate in a law firm.

Fredilyn has written a chapter on child pornography in Practical Guide for Defending a Federal Case, a chapter on jury selection in the third edition of Cultural Defenses in Criminal Cases, and coauthored two chapters on foreign law and jury selection in the third edition of Defending a Federal Criminal Case. She has written articles on jury selection, cross-examination, and the effects of incarceration on families for The Warrior and an article on psychodrama and jury selection for The Champion.

She has served as faculty for numerous programs, including the Sentencing Advocacy Workshop and the Trial Skills Academy, and speaks at numerous defender events throughout the country. She was on the Trial Lawyers College staff for almost ten years. A certified practitioner in psychodrama and sociometry, she continues to attend workshops. Her interest in psychodrama has led her to improv and Playback Theater.

The 3 Sisters, LLP

The three authors of Trial in Action have formed The 3 Sisters, LLP, an organization dedicated to helping people recognize and use their full potential employing various modalities such as psychodrama, sociometry, improvisation, storytelling, Playback Theater, and other cutting-edge communication methods. They are committed to high ideals, particularly truth, justice, and integrity and pride themselves in being innovators. For information about The 3 Sisters, LLP, and the workshops they offer, please visit

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