Brian Dunn

Brian Dunn

Trial Lawyer

The Cochran Firm

4929 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 1010 Los Angeles, CA 90010 323-435-8205

Key Facts

J.D., University of Michigan B.A., with honors, University of California at Berkley


Brian T. Dunn is the managing partner of the Cochran Firm California, the Los Angeles based office of founder Mr. Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. 

As one of the most experienced working advocate for victims of police misconduct in the state of California, Mr. Dunn has a proven track record of victory against the largest municipalities in the state, often in the most complex and misunderstood circumstances surrounding officer involved shootings.

Over the last 24 months, Mr. Dunn has won:

  • 11 Total Jury Trial Victories in civil rights violations by police
  • 6 Jury Trial Victories in Federal Court
  • Multiple settlements for families and victims

In each of these cases, the offers from representatives of the police were 10% or less of the actual judgments obtained.  

Over his 23-year career, Brian has resolved over 200 cases in state and federal court, and the majority of these cases involved police shootings that all too often lead to the death of the victim.

No other attorney has better expertise in handling matters of police shootings, and no other attorney is better equipped to help a jury understand the responsibilities of police officers, departments, and the law, as it relates to a police officer’s use of deadly force.

Having spent his entire career with The Cochran Firm’s Los Angeles office, Brian was originally hired by Johnnie Cochran himself in the summer of 1992, as a law clerk assigned to legal research and the preparation of pleadings dealing with civil rights litigation, with an emphasis in police misconduct cases. As an attorney, he has handled many of the Los Angeles’s office’s most high profile police misconduct cases, including those involving Geronimo Pratt, Reginald Denny, Devin Brown, Tyisha Miller, and, recently Mr. Dunn achieved a significant settlement in the federal civil rights case brought on behalf of the family of slain Marine Sergeant Manuel “Manny” Loggins. As one of the select few Los Angeles attorneys who have handled over a hundred separate civil rights cases, Mr. Dunn has achieved multi million dollar settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of his clients, and several of his cases have resulted in unprecedented changes in the training programs of municipal police departments. In 2008, Mr. Dunn joined the ranks of the select few civil rights attorneys who have changed the law, having won a unanimous victory in the California Supreme Court in the case of Yount v. City of Sacramento, a landmark Supreme Court ruling which significantly expands the rights of convicted arrestees subjected to excessive force during arrest.

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