Writing Demand Letters: Thinking, Communicating, and Persuading Visually - On Demand

Tyler Komarnycky and Aaron DeShaw

Material: On Demand Program
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Your demand letters should not be limited to words alone. Using medical visuals will more effectively impart the impact of the incident in question on your client’s life and can make your demand letter stand out to an adjuster.

In this presentation Tyler Komarnycky shares his experience as a Visual Litigation Strategist with High Impact to explain the importance of utilizing these tools. Komarnycky is joined by Aaron DeShaw, a trial lawyer who has implemented these techniques in court. 

In this presentation, Komarnycky and DeShaw explain:

  • Why visuals are important in demand letters and trials
  • How to make medical illustrations clear
  • How infographics and timeless can tell a story
  • The role of 2D and 3D animations
  • Options for interactive exhibits
  • Advances with virtual reality

On Demand Program: 75 minutes
Original Air Date: 09/23/2017