Writing Demand Letters for Traumatic Brain Injuries - On Demand

Aaron DeShaw

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In this video, nationally recognized demand letter expert and brain injury lawyer, Aaron DeShaw, provides insights into how to write an effective demand letter in traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. 

Topics include:

  • Critical Pre-Demand Procedures for Getting Higher Offers
  • Fifteen Aspects of TBIs
  • Dealing with the Defense of a “Normal Neurological Exam”
  • Preemptively Dealing with Defenses in TBI Cases
  • Addressing the Intelligent Client’s Neuropsych Scores
  • Determining a Client’s Pre-Injury Cognition After Injury
  • Discrediting the Fake Bad Scale
  • Dealing with Abnormal MMPI scores on the Defense Neuropsych
  • Using Neuroimaging in Your Demand
  • Using Medical Graphics in Your Demands
  • Addressing Visual System Damage
  • Addressing Post TBI Seizures
  • Discussing Endocrine System/Pituitary Damage
  • Discussing Post TBI Sleep Disturbances
  • Addressing Prior Brain Injuries
  • And More

Regardless of your experience level with TBI cases, this video will help you improve your pre- and post-litigation traumatic brain injury demand letters.

Writing Demand Letters for Traumatic Brain Injuries from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

On Demand Program: 99 minutes
Original Air Date: 06/27/2019