Using Your Client's Home as a Witness in Trial - On Demand CLE

Andy Young

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Jurors are often frustrated, stressed, and easily alienated from your client. So how do you inspire them to act? In this 60-minute CLE, trial lawyer Andy Young–lead counsel for the largest truck crash trial verdict in the state of Ohio ($42.4 million)–demonstrates how to use exhibits and testimony to create a compelling trial story that will help jurors relate to your client in powerful ways. Young argues that centering your trial story around your client’s home and family gives an intimate window into how your client has been significantly impacted by the harms they have suffered.

Young will show how, just as a picture “is worth a thousand words,” images of your client’s home and life reveal more about them than could ever be described during direct examination. Using the client’s home, not just as an exhibit but as a stage to frame and provide context for who your client is, creates anchor points that jurors can identify with and provides a powerful tool for connecting people of different circumstances.

Join Andy Young in this on demand video and learn how to center your client’s home in your trial story so that it becomes a “witness” in its own right. In this presentation, Young will cover:
  • Why your client’s home is a powerful focus for your damages story
  • Voir dire techniques for motivating the jury and helping them understand noneconomic damages
  • Methods for getting jurors to bond during voir dire–and why it’s helpful to do so
  • Ways to use witnesses to tap into your jurors’ core interests
  • Strategies for eliciting powerful and engaging testimony
  • The best way to obtain trial exhibits and how to use them
  • Why you need to simplify your case

Your client’s home can be a powerful tool to help jurors understand your client, their damages, and why it’s vital they return a meaningful verdict.

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On Demand Program: 71 Minutes
Original Air Date: 07/26/2023

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