Using Visuals to Present Your Case - On Demand

Zoe Littlepage

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Zoe Littlepage is an award-winning trial lawyer and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates who has won hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients across the country. In Using Visuals to Present Your Case, Littlepage introduces you to a wealth of insights and strategies you can start using immediately:

  • Why visual storytelling is the most effective way to teach jurors the facts of your case
  • The three different kinds of storytelling at trial
  • How to use visuals in pretrial motions
  • How to create and use visuals you can pull together the night before trial
  • How to effectively use a range of visuals, from flip charts and blow-ups to sophisticated animations
  • Tips for affordable visuals to use in smaller cases
  • How to encourage the jury to take notes and focus on the story you’re telling them
  • How to effectively use 3-D models and physical objects
  • Using PowerPoint in trial
  • How to visually brand your exhibits so jurors retain the context of the evidence you introduce
  • How to help your client give better testimony
  • How to use lay witnesses to demonstrate damages
  • How to use visuals to drive home the importance of expert testimony
  • How to demonstrate your expert’s credibility and how their testimony fits within the story you’re telling
  • Ways to visually demonstrate the defendant’s bad conduct

In this 90-minute presentation, Littlepage uses a range of examples from past cases to create a lesson-packed lecture that will help you better present your next case.

On Demand Program: 91 minutes
Original Air Date: 06/02/2018