Trying Sex Abuse Cases - On Demand

William A. Barton

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The advocacy horizons for victims of sexual exploitation are expanding, with many states lengthening applicable statutes of limitation. Questions of insurance coverage are common and vexing. And the vicarious liability of employers for employees and principals for agents (churches and charitable service organizations) are front and center.

How do you assess and prove damages? Does your client suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? How best do you prove this and develop your damages arguments to generate maximum recovery? Join Bill Barton as he answers all these questions and more in this 90-minute program designed to help you take on cases that involve survivors of sexual abuse.

Bill Barton has successfully litigated claims of sexual exploitation against some of the most influential institutions of American society. In the mid-80s Bill had one of the first Boy Scout verdicts. In 2004, Barton refused to settle a case against the archdiocese of Portland so that the public could know the truth about what had happened to his client. It is the first time in history an archdiocese went into bankruptcy.  In addition to parishioners, he has represented Catholic priests in their claims against the Catholic church. He is also the first lawyer to successfully, file, serve, and state a legal cause of action against the Vatican for sexual abuse of a minor in John V. Doe v. Holy See, et. al.

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On Demand Program: 88 minutes plus 46 mins of Q&A
Original Air Date: 02/03/2021