Trial Tactics - On Demand

Rick Friedman & Roger J. Dodd
Guest Speakers Zoe Littlepage & Rainey Booth

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In Trial Tactics, legendary trial lawyers Rick Friedman and Roger Dodd present solutions for effectively handling every element of a civil jury trial—from case selection to post-trial motions. Friedman and Dodd bring together their most important methods, discussing how to use Pozner & Dodd’s method of cross-examination in cases where you also use Friedman's Rules of the Road™.

In this recorded CLE presentation, they answer questions that stump even the most experienced lawyers:

  • How to most effectively deal with limited or no voir dire in your jurisdiction
  • Creating a cohesive and empowered jury, starting in voir dire
  • How to deal with a client’s difficult background in voir dire and opening
  • How and when to talk about money with the jury
  • Winning in opening
  • Whether it’s better to use a constructive or destructive cross-examination
  • What you should discuss in your first closing, and what to reserve for your second closing

Also featured are Zoe Littlepage and Rainey Booth—two of America’s leading pharmaceutical litigators—as they discuss the use of creative visual aids and how to work with witnesses, to obtain record-setting verdicts.

This set contains over ten hours of highlights from the full eighteen hours of instruction at the Winter 2014 Elements of Trial CLE.

*Please note: This video includes highlights from an exclusive live event. Due to copyright and other restrictions, this program does not include any written materials from the conference. To learn more about our upcoming CLE events, visit our CLE page or give us a call at 1-800-309-6845.

On Demand Program: 642 minutes
Original Air Date: 2014
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