Theater for Trial: Incorporating the Fourth Edition of Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials

David Ball & Joshua Karton

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In Theater for Trial, David Ball and Joshua Karton use their extensive professional theater experience to give you practical exercises and strategies for connecting yourself, your case, and your witnesses with the jury. They provide tools available to any attorney—such as voice, presentation, and story structure—and show how to empower juries to take responsibility for righting a wrong. This book teaches you how to turn every trial into a powerful production that authentically calls forth your best asset: the simple truth, clearly and effectively communicated.

Ball and Karton also teach you how to arm jurors to fight for you in deliberations. They offer techniques to improve how you prepare witnesses, create exhibits, present your client, select jurors, and conduct yourself in ways that frame the facts and the law to best engage your audience: the jury. Ball and Karton combine decades of intensive trial experience with cases from the smallest counties to the halls of the Supreme Court, with lessons from the stage and screen to optimize every moment you’re in trial.

Hardcover: 400 pages; First edition (2017); ISBN: 978-1941007716
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Author's Note from David Ball
  2. Typography Note
  3. Publisher's Note
  4. Foreword to the Fourth Edition
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Curtain Raiser
  8. How You Talk: The Sound of Your Voice
  9. How You Talk: Words
  10. How You Talk: Sentences and Beyond
  11. How You Look
  12. What You Do
  13. Cast Your Best Self
  14. Story
  15. Casting the Jury
  16. Rehearsal
  17. Opening Statement
  18. Arming the Jurors Throughout Trial
  19. Audience Skills
  20. Direct and Cross
  21. Closing—A Reorientation
  22. Appendix A: Your Trial Team
  23. Appendix B: Demonstrative Exhibits
  24. Appendix C: HEIDI
  25. Appendix D: Secrets
  26. Appendix E: The Song Exercise
  27. Appendix F: Zen and the Art of Trial Advocacy
  28. Index
  29. About the Authors

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

A modern human’s greatest terror is not snakes or plane crashes, but public speaking. The advice contained in Josh Karton and David Ball’s extraordinary collaboration helps you go from terror to triumph in the courtroom. By studying the techniques actors have known since ancient times, you will become comfortable enough to become your authentic self before the jury.

— Randi McGinn, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates, author of Changing Laws, Saving Lives