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 Only two videos of the great Moe Levine are known to survive. This one, never publicly available, was originally filmed for the National College of Advocacy (the education arm of AAJ [formerly ATLA®]), and has been secretly handed around by the nation's leading trial lawyers on old VHS tapes for decades. It has long been considered one of the great collectibles of any great trial lawyer's library.

As part of Trial Guides' restoration of the AAJ audio and video archive, Trial Guides found a collection of unreleased Moe Levine audio and video recordings, including this one. Trial Guides is proud to present a digitally restored version of Moe Levine's only video lecture on Summation, for the first time streaming. Released with the permission of Moe Levine's heirs, this on demand makes this timeless lecture available to a broader audience of advocates for the first time.

About the Author:

Moe Levine was a pioneer in educating fellow trial lawyers on trial strategy, issue framing, and the mastery of forensic medicine. He has provided inspiration to many of the nation's leading lawyers. His ideas are timeless, and apply as much today as when he used them over forty years ago. Since his death in 1974, the nation's leading trial lawyers and jury consultants have passed down Moe Levine's teachings through their own trial work. Now, you can watch Moe Levine teach you these winning trial strategies.



*This video is part of a series by Trial Guides in which historical videos of America's leading lawyers and experts are restored to create a unrivaled educational resource for plaintiff lawyers. Please note that due to the age of these videos, the original video tapes have lower resolution than today's DVDs.

On Demand Program: 39 minutes
Original Air Date: 2011
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Orlando R.
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5 star rating
The Summation by Moe Levine is a jewel of the realm. I listen to this on repeat almost everyday.
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