The Risks of Direct Examination and the Power of Cross-Examination - On Demand CLE

Eric Fong and Ben Wells

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Many of the most important moments in a jury trial happen during direct and cross-examination. Whether the witness is yours or the defense’s, powerful testimony can change the trajectory of the case—and your client’s life—in an instant. 

A direct or cross-examination can mean the difference between a successful verdict, or a squandered effort. Successful trial testimony starts with anticipating the risks of direct examination—while using the power of cross-examination to drive your case forward.

Join Eric Fong and Ben Wells as they explain how to present evidence in trial using compelling direct examinations and devastating cross-examinations. In this 90-minute program, Fong and Wells share how they prepare for the presentation of evidence so that every detail in your case is highlighted, the jury remains engaged, and the defense’s arguments are deftly countered. 

Fong and Wells will discuss their time-tested strategies for:

  • trial preparation (including case development, witness preparation, and order of proof)
  • the presentation of evidence 
  • direct and cross-examination

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to fortify your direct and cross-examinations with two of the most effective and creative trial lawyers in the country. 

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On Demand Program: 90 minutes
Original Air Date: 12/06/2022

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