The Last Resistance

Rick Friedman

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In The Last Resistance, Rick Friedman speaks to the heart of advocacy. He challenges you to consider what you’re really working for and to make it the center of your career. He calls on all trial lawyers to recognize themselves as the last organized resistance in an undeclared culture war in which corporations brush aside human concerns in the pursuit of profit. With his signature blend of wit and warmth, he explores the practical ways moral advocacy can help you persevere in the face of superior resources and uneven playing fields. He also outlines the ways you can cripple yourself when you internalize your opponents’ values.

Point by point, he offers ways to guard against:

  • The danger of putting business concerns ahead of professionalism and how this behavior alienates the public and the jury pool
  • The fallacy of the morally neutral zealous advocate and the view that corporations are entitled to an amoral defense
  • The self-defeating nature of comparison and why advocates are less like athletes and more like artists
  • Buying into the corporate attitude that appearance is everything and losing is for losers

 In just under an hour, Rick homes in on what advocates everywhere are fighting for. He shows you not only how to keep those values at the core of your practice but also how to turn them into your greatest assets.


The Last Resistance - Rick Friedman from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

DVD: 60 minutes; 2 discs; First edition (September 2016); ISBN: 978-1941007563
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [60:05]

  1. The Things That Hold Us Back as Lawyers
  2. Use What You Have Been Given
  3. The Perils of Practicing Law
  4. Why Are You Practicing Law?
  5. The Last Resistance
  6. What Are We Fighting For?
  7. The Four Ways We Have Hurt the Practice of Law
  8. The Zealous Technician
  9. Trying to Fill the Vacuum
  10. The Moral Advocate
  11. The Comparison Trap
  12. Challenging the Corporate Culture of "Losing is for Losers"
  13. Becoming the Most Effective Advocate
  14. Values Worth Fighting For
  15. Being Part of the Last Resistance

Total running time: 60 minutes

Also included in package: audio CD of the same content

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Kent L.
Verified Buyer
I listen to it again and again
This lecture was so good, I decided to listen to it again, and again. Once is just not enough. Everything Rick Friedman produces inspires me and keeps me going as a plaintiffs' lawyer. Although Mr. Friedman often credits other lawyers for influencing
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Jim G.
Verified Buyer
Rick's message is two fold
Rick's message is two fold. The practical takeaway is that we "Trial Lawyers", need to try cases, and when we do we greatly benefit our practices win or lose, and benefit society. Otherwise we are only [air quote] Trial Lawyers [air quote]. Jim Gigax Colo
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