The Art of the Ask - On Demand CLE

Artemis H. Malekpour

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Every step of the way, as attorneys work up their cases from intake to trial, there are questions that need answers: What will jurors latch onto in the case? What are all the ways your client or their family could get blamed or the defendant let off the hook, and what can you do about it? What information do jurors need to be able to conclude (on their own) what happened, what the defendant’s actions caused, and what was taken or impacted as a result? And how do you find all the bumps and potential landmines to explain, frame, or embrace before they blow up your case?

Some questions attorneys are reluctant to ask (but there’s a good chance jurors will). And some questions attorneys don’t ask in the best way. Then there are some questions attorneys do ask, but they don’t know what to do with the answers they get back.

In this presentation, nationally renowned trial consultant Artemis Malekpour will examine each aspect of the questions that often plague personal injury cases, with examples of what questions to ask, how to ask them, and why they’re being asked.

Artemis Malekpour is a partner in the litigation consulting firm of Malekpour & Ball Consulting. With a background in psychology and psychiatric research, she specializes in focus groups, case strategy, damages, and jury selection. Through years of conducting jury research, observing deliberations, and moderating discussions, she is an expert in identifying potential landmines and analyzing each case from the decision-makers’ perspectives.

Each attendee will also get an advance copy of a chapter from the new upcoming book on damages from David Ball, Artemis Malekpour, Courtney Rowley, and Nick Rowley.

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On Demand Program: 60 Minutes
Original Air Date: 08/25/2021

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