The Art of Storytelling - On Demand

Presenting an Unforgettable Story in Your Case

Jim M. Perdue

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Also Available: The Art of Storytelling

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In this program, Jim Perdue provides you with the keys to winning trials by using stories that the jury already knows.

Perdue teaches how trials are a contest of stories. He shows how to craft a story with a strong beginning, memorable scenes, believable characters, a logical plot, vivid action, and a moving conclusion. He then moves on to show how to maintain that story consistently through voir dire, opening statement, your case-in-chief, cross-examination, and closing. Perdue teaches you how to involve jurors in the story so they become interested in the outcome of your case. In doing so, he demonstrates how cases built upon familiar stories can overcome jurors poisoned by years of tort reform messages.

Perdue shows how to put the trial story together, including:

  • How to start strong in opening
  • Setting the scene
  • Using Rules of the Road
  • Developing strong characters
  • Getting the audience to live the action
  • And much more

The set finishes with a sample closing statement using stories. This practical and emotionally charged demonstration helps you understand how compelling your case can be if you base it upon stories, which provide the foundation of our culture.



*This video is part of a series by Trial Guides in which historical videos of America’s leading lawyers and experts are restored to create a unrivaled educational resource for plaintiff lawyers. Please note that due to the age of these videos, the original video tapes have lower resolution than today’s DVDs. Royalties from this video series go to support state and county trial lawyer associations.

On Demand Program: 208 minutes
Original Air Date: 2011
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