The Art and Science of Jury Selection - On Demand CLE

John G. Simon

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It’s the harsh reality that every trial lawyer knows: some people in your jury pool will have already made up their minds before you say a word. In every trial, there will be some potential jurors who will not find in favor of your client no matter what evidence you present. This arguably makes voir dire the most important part of your trial—and certainly one of the most challenging. Without a crystal ball, how can you possibly know what your potential jurors are thinking?

Join John G. Simon, a highly successful trial attorney and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates whose work has won hundreds of millions for past clients, as he discusses proven methods for jury selection that provide a solid foundation for winning your case. He will cover the primary goals of voir dire, including developing trust, framing your issues, and removing jurors for cause.

This comprehensive webinar will also cover:
  • Keeping jurors talking
  • Being a great listener
  • Establishing credibility
  • Asking meaningful questions
  • Embracing bad answers
  • Dealing with damages
  • Evaluating nonverbal communication
  • Using your time effectively
  • Undermining defenses
  • Identifying juror bias

As goes voir dire, so goes your case. Planning and executing an effective voir dire is among the most important things you can do to improve your next trial outcome.

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Original Air Date: 08/22/2023

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