Testifying in Deposition, Arbitration & Trial - On Demand

Aaron DeShaw

Format: On Demand Program
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In this program, retired doctor and practicing trial lawyer Aaron DeShaw will discuss how doctors can best prepare for deposition and trial testimony.

During the 140 minute presentation, DeShaw will cover the following:

  • Recording and reporting concerns
  • Issues that are more likely to result in you ending up in trial
  • Expert disclosures
  • The deposition process
  • Qualifications for trial
  • The doctor’s position in the trial process

If you are a doctor who frequently takes injury cases, don’t miss this chance to be better prepared the next time you are called for a trial.

Please note: CME credit is not being offered for this On Demand Program.


On Demand Program: 144 minutes
Original Air Date: 09/30/2021
Accreditation is not being offered for this On Demand Program