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Michael Leizerman

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Studies show that word choice is a powerful motivator behind juror decision-making. In any personal injury lawsuit, the language you use in the courtroom can influence jurors’ perceptions of your evidence, their emotional responses to your case, and—ultimately—your trial verdict. So what language is appropriate when your client or their family has experienced emotional and physical devastation?

Michael Leizerman, seasoned trial lawyer, has developed a unique method that presents a clear outline for unfolding your noneconomic damages story as you prepare for trial.

Leizerman’s method encourages you to make the defendant the subject of the action, emphasizing the connection between the defendant’s negligent actions (liability) and the resulting hardship for your client. Powerful language choices and a simple case story will allow you to translate cold medical diagnoses into relatable human emotion that your jury will take to heart.

This trial presentation CLE will cover the following topics and more:

  • Translating noneconomic damages into value for the plaintiff
  • Identifying the driving theme of your case
  • Removing the words loss, give, and award from your trial story
  • Emphasizing the importance of your case to the jury
  • Revealing the true value of an injury
  • Simplifying your language in trial
  • Linking liability to damages

Don’t miss this powerful presentation that will show you how to turn a good story into a great case outcome.

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Original Air Date: 06/28/2023

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