Systems for Maximizing Your Personal Injury Practice

Matt Powell

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Matt Powell is a successful Florida trial lawyer who tries several cases every year and has obtained multiple verdicts over $1 million, including one in a “minor impact” trial. He is highly knowledgeable about traumatic spinal injuries.

In this video, Powell shares his systems for efficiently and effectively handling personal injury cases while maintaining a busy trial calendar. Powell demonstrates how he breaks cases down based on three factors and shows you which cases should be settled early and which should be filed and tried. Powell’s method allows you to minimize the time you spend on cases that will not increase in value, while maximizing the outcomes on all of your cases. Powell’s lessons will help you avoid bad quality cases, improve client satisfaction, improve quality of life for you and your staff, and maximize claim value for your clients.


*Please note: This video includes highlights from an exclusive live event. Due to copyright and other restrictions, this DVD does not include any written materials from the conference. To learn more about our upcoming CLE events, visit our CLE page or give us a call at 1-800-309-6845.

Systems for Maximizing Your Personal Injury Practice from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

DVD: 55 minutes; 1st edition (2019); ISBN: 978195196205
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction
  2. Shortening the Lifespan of Smaller Cases
  3. Good Case Selection Improves Your Firm
  4. Factors to Consider when Settling Early
  5. The Three Elements of Any Personal Injury Case
  6. Determining when to Settle Based on the Three Elements
  7. Phases of a Case
  8. Using Different Forms of Demand Letters
  9. Timeline for Case Handling
  10. Reduce Client Costs Using a HITECH Request
  11. Settlement Offers Depend upon Your Reputation
  12. Handling the Serious Case with Minimal Coverage
  13. Helpful Tools for Improving Your Practice
  14. Bottlenecks in Your Office
  15. Q&A