Spinal Injury Cases, Session Three: Treating Providers, Imaging, Additional Examinations & Expert Opinions - On Demand

Aaron DeShaw

Format: On Demand Program
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In the third session in this series, Dr. DeShaw provides information on spinal injury claims including information on treatment methods, supporting evidence, expert witnesses, and common defenses. These matters are addressed to ensure that you and your firm can obtain better outcomes when handling spinal injury claims.  The following topic areas will be addressed in this webinar:

  • Treatment methods
  • Treatment provider types
  • Expert witnesses
    • Healthcare (Including discussion on healthcare provider qualifications)
    • Additional expert witnesses necessary in minor impact cases
  • Common defenses: osteoarthritis as a pre-existing condition
  • Imaging methods (X-ray, DMX, MRI, MRA, CT, and bone scan)
  • AMA impairment ratings

This webinar will help you better understand the types of treating providers and expert consultants that are necessary in spinal injury cases. We will consider specialty imaging and medical reports that help confirm the economic/special and noneconomic/general damages in your cases. And the use of medical imaging and medical illustrations in your demand letter and litigation will also be considered. This information will help you better document and communicate your client’s spinal injuries to insurers to increase outcomes in settlement, ADR, or trial. 

Additional sessions will cover the following topics: 

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On Demand Program: 117 Minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A
Original Air Date: 02/10/2021