Selecting a Nuclear Jury with Time Limits & No Cause Challenges - On Demand

Harry Plotkin

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Many judges now impose increasingly strict time limits on voir dire. They may also limit the questions you can ask and how you ask them. In some cases, they may deny your dismissals for cause—even when potential jurors admit bias. 

How do you consistently select jurors who are prepared to award full, fair verdicts without hours of voir dire or the luxury of cause challenges? Join renowned trial consultant Harry Plotkin as he shows how to overcome these limitations when selecting your jury.

Plotkin will demonstrate the voir dire questions and jury selection approaches he used in three recent verdicts:

  • A $41.5 million wrongful termination trial
  • A $45 million school district/bullying/abuse trial
  • A $60 million TBI injury trial

In all three trials, the lawyers were given less than one hour for voir dire and granted no cause challenges by the judge. Jury selection concluded within one day. 

Plotkin argues that relying on an exhaustive voir dire process and challenges—both peremptory and for cause—is a mistake. In this webinar, he will explain how to:

  • Stop over-diagnosing jury bias
  • Keep the defense from dismissing your best jurors for cause
  • Avoid judging jurors by their demographics, occupations, and knee-jerk reactions to the superficial nature of the case
  • Assess your jurors’ deepest-held values—without relying on their unreliable self-assessments (or your own biases)
  • Resist the urge to spend voir dire time on topics that don’t matter
  • Identify jurors who are capable of being outraged and holding defendants fully accountable

Isn’t it time to rethink what conventional wisdom taught you about jury trials? Discover a whole new approach in this exciting new webinar.

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