Running a Better Law Firm

An Interview and Q&A with John Morgan

John Morgan

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In this Q&A and discussion, John Morgan, the founder of Morgan & Morgan and author of You Can’t Teach Hungry and You Can’t Teach Vision, walks listeners through solutions and systems for common issues in running a law firm. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to get more business
  • How to go from a solo to a multi-lawyer law firm
  • How to optimize your already large firm
  • What today’s law firm will look like in five years and why you should be preparing for that now
  • How to use technology to automate and quality control cases
  • Marketing and advertising in the time of the internet and social media
  • Vision making
  • Expanding into new physical locations
  • The case for adding partners
  • The case for when it's time for partners to exit the firm
  • Mistakes John has made, lessons he has learned, and why failure is your friend
  • The two ways to be profitable
  • Why you need to be getting your cases to the courthouse sooner
  • Why every lawyer at your firm who does it their way instead of your way is costing you money
  • Why you always have to be thinking about tomorrow

Morgan also addresses listener topics such as:

  • What is the most effective investment in advertising and marketing for small or solo firms?
  • Morgan discusses the concept “done is better than perfect”
  • How to determine at the interview stage if a candidate is going to be a good fit at your firm
  • How to determine caseload for the lawyers in your firm
  • How to bring new cases into your firm
  • Where to go to recruit top-quality people to hire
  • The best systems for compensating non-partner lawyers
  • How to keep good people at your firm
  • Good ratios for staffing law firms
  • What areas of law will be the most profitable for solo practitioners in the future?
  • Advice for senior attorneys 
  • Advice for attorneys switching from defense to plaintiff’s work

This presentation provides you with the advice you need to take the business side of your law firm to the next level. 


*This interview was originally offered to customers as part of our Trial Guides LIVE Fireside Chat series. The content has been remastered and edited for brevity and clarity. 

Audio Digital Download: 115 minutes; 1st edition (2020)
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC