Image 08252: Right Sided Paravertebral Sympathetic Nerve Blocks Illustration

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This graphic includes three illustrations pertaining to lumbar nerve / sciatic  pain in the buttock and leg. The first is an oblique view of the low back and peripheral nerve anatomy in the buttock and leg with a look representing pain in the area.  The second illustration focuses on the peripheral nerves and sympathetic ganglia of the lumbar spine. The third illustration is a lateral or side view of the lumbar spine demonstrating a paravertebral sympathetic nerve block. Best used to demonstrate pain in the lumbar area, buttock and lower extremity, as well as a paravertebral sympathetic nerve block.

This graphic is best used for demand letters or narrative reports involving pain in the low back, buttock and leg after a traumatic low back injury, or to illustrate a paravertebral sympathetic nerve block procedure, as well as for use in mediation, arbitration or trial.

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