Removing the Mask: Transforming Your Client From Victim to Victor - On Demand

Mel Orchard and Jesse Wilson

Format: On Demand Program
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Telling the right story in trial means knowing who your client really is and how your jurors need to see them. When it comes to trial, most plaintiffs cast themselves in the wrong role. Why? Look no further than the word “victim.”

“Victim” is the wrong role, and you, the trial lawyer—the director, the storyteller, the producer—must cast your client’s story correctly. Presenting your client in the wrong role can be the difference between winning and losing your case. Your job is to remove that “victim” mask that your client has come to wear.

The jury must see who your client is at their core. Transforming your client to the “victor” humanizes them more to your jurors and helps to set up your damages model. And when you help your client remove their mask, your own mask will come off as well. Then, the jury will be able to see your true self and build the trust you need to win your case. 

In this program, Mel and Jesse will show you what to look for in your intake meeting (whether virtually or in person), before depositions, and into trial. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how to teach your client to view themselves as a victor and not a victim.

On Demand Program: 96 minutes plus 27 minutes of Q&A
Original Air Date: 07/08/2020