Real Talk on Launching Your Law Firm: Knowledge is Power - On Demand

Maxey Marie Scherr

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“What if I opened my own law firm?” The notion crosses your mind repeatedly. You often daydream about what it would be like if all firm decisions were your own: where you would locate, how you would run your office, what type of boss you’d be… 
Then, that inner critic perks up and quashes those hopes. 

Attorney Maxey Marie Scherr is here to silence that voice of doubt and arm you with information to help you follow in her footsteps. Ms. Scherr founded Scherr Law Firm, PLLC in 2022, and quickly obtained a $10.65 million verdict in her first trial as a law firm owner. She has since had numerous landmark conclusions to her cases, including a $16.86 million verdict and an $11 million settlement.

In this webinar, Ms. Scherr will offer a wealth of information about the start-up process, along with creative tips to help your law firm launch be successful. 
Topics will include:

  • Identifying your potential market and attracting clientele
  • Funding options and how to pursue them
  • Choosing the right business structure based on tax implications
  • Registering your business through the state, IRS, and any other entities
  • Planning your location
  • Selecting a file management system, email provider, and calendar program
  • Finding the right insurance and coverage for your practice size and clientele
  • Setting your firm up for success with accurate and consistent recordkeeping
  • Adopting a marketing strategy that gets noticed
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities to expand your career

Navigating any task can seem daunting when without the right information. Join Ms. Scherr for this inspiring webinar, and learn practical strategies to taking the first step in following your dream of owning your own law firm.

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Original Air Date: 06/26/2024
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