Preparing for Depositions

Karen Koehler

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Every case deserves witnesses who are prepared for deposition and trial. In Preparing for Depositions, Karen Koehler, co-author of Litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases, instructs your client and witnesses on how to testify successfully. Through easy-to-understand and enjoyable-to-watch "Do" and "Don't" scenarios, Koehler guides your witness out of the pitfalls of a messy deposition.

The DVD is broken down into ten short, essential rules of testimony that all of your witnesses need to know. Preparing for Depositions is something you can use in every litigation case to minimize your deposition and testimony preparation time. Help your witnesses help you. Give them the tools to prepare for informed and accurate testimony.

This DVD was originally produced by Guenther Group.

*Trial Guides suggests that while this video will reduce a lawyer's preparation time for each witness, and lead to better prepared witnesses, it should not take the place of a specific discussion between the lawyer and each witness on the facts of the case.

*Note: Unlike most of our videos, which are made at the Trial Guides facility, this video was originally printed in large volume by the video producer for Trial Guides distribution.  The new release has different artwork but the same video content. If you already have Preparing for Depositions by Karen Koehler, you should not buy this product because the video content will be identical.



DVD: 36 minutes
Publisher: Trial Guides