Preparing for a Defense Medical Exam

Karen Koehler

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It's time to see the doctor. But this one is not a friendly treating doctor. This one was hired by the insurance company or a defense lawyer to either terminate your client's care or say that he wasn't really injured. This doctor is not on your side.

This video teaches your injured clients about the tricks played by defense doctors in their efforts to call into question your clients' honesty, prevent them from obtaining the treatment they need, and destroy their insurance claim.

This instructional video is hosted by Karen Koehler (Litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases), one of the United States' leading trial lawyers. She will provide clear and simple instructions for your clients about the defense medical examination process and teach them how to avoid the common traps set by insurance doctors.

In this video, Koehler includes tips on:

  • Honesty in the history and examination
  • How the defense doctor and staff watch for inconsistencies and malingering
  • Clients giving their best effort, without getting hurt

This video gives clients examples of the medical history and examination procedures so they know what to expect before they walk into the doctor's office. It provides your clients with the best chance of being viewed as credible and truly injured after a traumatic incident.


DVD: 29 minutes; 1 disc; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833537
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [28:31]

  1. Opening
  2. Tell the Truth
  3. They're Watching You
  4. Don't Exaggerate
  5. The Doctor Is Not Your Friend
  6. Be Prepared
  7. Think Before You Speak
  8. Answer the Question
  9. Give Your Best Effort
  10. Don't If You can't
  11. Tickles Shouldn't Hurt
  12. Review

Total running time: 29 minutes

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4 star rating
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This video was helpful in my client’s preparation for his Rule 35 exam. Good resource.
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