Preparing Expert Witnesses for Deposition and Trial - On Demand CLE

Jennifer K. O’Connell

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Preparing an expert witness can feel like cramming for an exam. You meet with your witness right before trial and speed through a collection of questions and answers. They attempt to teach you esoteric medical terminology, or give you canned phrases to use, and leave you feeling overwhelmed by the facts of the case. And your witness leaves feeling underutilized (and underprepared!). The result: variability in your witness’s testimony—and in your case’s outcome.

Fortunately, this unofficial legal standard doesn’t have to be your standard practice; and experienced trial lawyers use to a better system. Join trial lawyer and seasoned expert witness preparer, Jennifer K. O’Connell, for a 60-minute masterclass on the art of expert witness preparation for both trial and deposition.

O’Connell will show you how effective expert witness preparation is a dance between your goals and your witness’s expertise. It starts with explaining your case, emboldening your expert to share to their knowledge, and then getting out of their way. Through the RISE system—Reassure, Identify, Simplify, Empower—O’Connell will teach you how to get your expert witness to successfully draw from their area of expertise, and help your jury reach the ideal verdict.

Learn how to:

  • Preempt questions from opposing counsel
  • Prime your expert witness for cross-examination techniques
  • Help your expert witness offer credible answers to difficult questions
  • Determine the ideal amount of time to prepare your expert witness
  • Empower your expert witness to answer questions with confidence and skill
  • Prepare your witness to answer deposition questions on sensitive subject matters
  • Compile a “word bank” with your expert witness’s own language
  • Recognize the types of questions that derail even the most seasoned experts

It’s time to abandon the “old way” of preparing expert witnesses. Join Jennifer O’Connell as she shares how experienced trial lawyers prepare their experts, and their cases, to win.

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On Demand Program: 75 Minutes
Original Air Date: 08/30/2022

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