Preparing a Witness Using Psychodrama - On Demand

Louise Lipman and Patrick Malone

Material: On Demand Program
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Psychodrama can help you turn back the clock with your client to provide clarity around an event. Using techniques of storytelling, psychodrama explores the internal and external journey your client has taken, and the reversal of roles allows for connections of feelings and narrative.

In this presentation, Ms. Lipman explains the role that psychodrama can play in preparing your witness and you for court. Ms. Lipman also demonstrates techniques you can employ and explains how psychodrama can connect you and your client.

In just over an hour this presentation covers:

  • Turning back the clock through storytelling
  • Quantifying damages and loss
  • Clarity around an event
  • Internal and external journey
  • Connecting to your client
  • The three aspects of your client’s life before and after the event


On Demand Program: 69 minutes
Original Air Date: 06/01/2018