Premises Liability: A Guide to Success

Michael Neff

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Trial attorney Michael Neff is a nationally known premises liability lawyer who's obtained verdicts of $47 million, $35 million, and other substantial verdicts and settlements in premises liability cases. In Premises Liability: A Guide to Success, Neff offers a clear and practical step-by-step guide to trying and winning premises liability cases.

Using lessons and examples gained from cases with six-, seven-, and eight-figure premises verdicts, Neff walks you through every aspect of a premises liability case. He begins with important issues in case selection and discovery and moves you through to negotiating settlements and trial. He offers a unique guide to addressing issues found in larger and more complicated lawsuits by demonstrating how they differ from smaller auto accident cases, and how newer attorneys can expand their practice to incorporate larger premises cases.

As the distillation of decades of success, this book has lessons and insights for trial lawyers who want to improve how they handle their next premises liability case.


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Paperback: 342 pages; First edition (2017); ISBN: 978-1941007648
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction
  2. Starting off Right
  3. An Introduction to Premises Liability Cases
  4. Review Court-Approved Jury Charges
  5. Finding and Using Standards
  6. Pleading the Complaint and Written Discovery
  7. The Empire Strikes Back: The Defendant's Answers
  8. Understanding the Defendant's Knowledge
  9. Selecting, Preparing, and Using the Plaintiff's Liability Experts
  10. Deposing the Defendant's Record Keeper
  11. 30(b)(6) Deponents and Defense Fact Witnesses
  12. Deposing the Defendant's Expert
  13. Trial Consultants and Focus Groups
  14. Surviving Summary Judgment
  15. Mediation and Settlement
  16. A Look at Trial
  17. Epilogue

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

Michael Neff’s book is full of important information for those of us who desire to achieve excellence in premises liability cases. As we say in Alabama, Michael ‘puts the hay down where the goats can get to it!’ Read this book and enjoy learning from one of the best!

— Gregory Cusimano, recipient of AAJ’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice Award