Nick Rowley at Take Back the Courtroom IV - On Demand

Nicholas Rowley

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Nick Rowley is the leading trial lawyer of his generation. By the age of forty, he had conducted 130 jury trials and obtained over $500 million in verdicts across multiple states. In 2017, he was invited by Rick Friedman to join an all-star cast of trial lawyers at the Take Back the Courtroom IV CLE in Miami. This video captures Nick’s engaging lecture as well as his discussion with Rick Friedman.

This lecture covers the following and more:

  • Getting the jury to care about your client
  • Focusing on the needs of the jurors
  • Building a cohesive “tribe" during jury selection
  • Why you won’t get great settlements from insurers without going to trial
  • Trying soft-tissue cases
  • The value of kindness, caring, and vulnerability in trial
  • Proving your client deserves the verdict is crucial
  • Trying cases more quickly and effectively
  • Working with a judge who is hurting your trial
  • Talking to the jurors about money
  • Using visuals in presenting damages
  • Using visuals to explain jury instructions in closing
  • Coming back from losing a trial

 This lecture provided inspiration and practice insights for both the speakers and attendees at the CLE. This information will provide you with helpful tips from a lawyer who tries and wins multiple trials every year.

Please note: This video is part of the complete Take Back the Courtroom IV set.



On Demand Program: 114 minutes
Original Air Date: 05/19/2017

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