Moe Levine: The Lost Recordings, Vol. I

Moe Levine

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When Trial Guides and the American Association for Justice teamed up in 2010 to publish books and multimedia material, Trial Guides visited AAJ's media archive containing books, audio recordings, and video recordings going back to the formation of NACCA in the 1940s. One of the treasures we found were fourteen reel-to-reel tapes of Moe Levine lecturing on a wide variety of litigation topics shortly before his death. These lectures have never been heard before. Trial Guides digitally restored the reel-to-reel tapes to create the greatest set of Moe Levine audio recordings ever offered, in the best sound quality possible.*

This set contains five discs, which cover case selection, sequencing your case-in-chief, voir dire, opening statements, and direct examination.

*The forensic restoration process used on these recordings has resulted in major improvements in sound quality to the original tapes. While the overall sound quality is high, degradation of some reels resulted in the loss of a small amount of material that we were unable to rescue. Therefore, you will notice some drop out in the topic matter.

Please also note: The state of law and medicine has changed since the time of these lectures. Despite the wisdom conveyed in these recordings, gained from the thousands of cases that Levine tried, please keep in mind that much has changed since these lectures. Levine is one of the most important advocacy teachers in U.S. history, and these recordings contain trial concepts that are timeless. However, Trial Guides suggests that you seek more recent resources on how to overcome issues that did not exist at the time these tapes were made before making decisions on how to try your cases.

CD: 318 minutes; 5 discs; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833544
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC; AAJ

Disc 1 [69:50]

  1. Why Accept Cases?
  2. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  3. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  4. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  5. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  6. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  7. Selecting Medical Malpractice Cases
  8. Medical Malpractice
  9. Selecting Auto Cases
  10. Selecting Auto Cases
  11. Selecting Product Liability Cases
  12. Selecting Product Liability Cases
  13. Selecting Product Liability Cases
  14. Keeping Some Clients Out of Trial
  15. Representing Attractive Clients
  16. Picking Jurors Who Will Love Your Client
  17. Spot a Leader (on the Jury)
  18. Selecting a Jury
  19. Selecting a Jury
  20. Addressing Juror Sympathy

Disc 2 [69:07]

  1. Addressing Juror Sympathy (continued)
  2. Darting Child Cases
  3. Representing Minorities
  4. Representing Minorities
  5. Representing Minorities
  6. Representing Minorities
  7. Representing Minorities
  8. The Plaintiff's Edge and Aviation Law
  9. The Plaintiff's Edge and Aviation Law
  10. The Plaintiff's Edge and Aviation Law
  11. The Plaintiff's Edge and Aviation Law
  12. The Plaintiff's Edge and Aviation Law
  13. Auto Products Liability
  14. Auto Products Liability
  15. Auto Products Liability
  16. Auto Products Liability
  17. Auto Products Liability
  18. Auto Products Liability

Disc 3 [66:17]

  1. Organizing Your Case in Chief
  2. Demonstrative Evidence
  3. Demonstrative Evidence
  4. Demonstrative Evidence
  5. Demonstrative Evidence
  6. Demonstrative Evidence
  7. Demonstrative Evidence
  8. Demonstrative Evidence
  9. Demonstrative Evidence
  10. Handling Cases with Economists
  11. Handling Cases with Economists
  12. Handling Cases with Economists
  13. Direct Examination
  14. Ask Questions Like a Juror
  15. Ask Questions Like a Juror
  16. Ask Questions Like a Juror
  17. Ask Questions Like a Juror

Disc 4 [58:35]

  1. Spontaneity in Testimony
  2. Spontaneity in Testimony
  3. Spontaneity in Testimony
  4. Spontaneity in Testimony
  5. Spontaneity in Testimony
  6. Spontaneity in Testimony
  7. Spontaneity in Testimony
  8. Spontaneity in Testimony
  9. Spontaneity in Testimony
  10. Spontaneity in Testimony
  11. Spontaneity in Testimony
  12. Spontaneity in Testimony
  13. Spontaneity in Testimony
  14. Spontaneity in Testimony

Disc 5 [54:19]

  1. Hospital Staff Conferences
  2. An Anesthesia Case
  3. An Anesthesia Case
  4. An Anesthesia Case
  5. An Anesthesia Case
  6. An Anesthesia Case
  7. An Anesthesia Case
  8. An Anesthesia Case
  9. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards
  10. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards
  11. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards
  12. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards
  13. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards
  14. Using the Law to Improve Medical Standards

Total running time: 5 hours 18 minutes

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