Legal Writing for Paralegals - On Demand

Candess Zona-Mendola

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Paralegals are often responsible for drafting and editing motions and briefs that are essential parts of every personal injury case. The ability to tell a client’s story or to make a persuasive, complex argument understandable can be just as important as the law that governs a case. In the legal world, writing is not just a skill on your resume; it’s a vital tool that often separates a good paralegal from an amazing one. Having a strong foundation in effective legal writing skills is increasingly important in a field where a single comma can open the door for an opposing legal argument.

Join senior trial paralegal Candess Zona-Mendola as she gives you tips and strategies for improving your legal writing, and your case outcomes. She will cover:

  • Why basic writing skills are key
  • Why you should ditch “legalese”
  • How to write clearly and concisely
  • How to be a better storyteller
  • How to plan out your writing and use different brainstorming methods
  • Where to get feedback
  • Where you can go for additional paralegal training and writing tools

Don’t miss out on this one-hour presentation on how you can improve the quality and content of your legal writing.

On Demand Program: 60 minutes
Original Air Date: 02/02/2023
Accreditation is not being offered for this on demand program