Investigating Sex Abuse Cases - On Demand CLE

William A. Barton & Harold Nash

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There are many questions that arise when you consider how to properly vet and investigate a case involving sexual abuse. Do you hire an investigator or do you do your own investigation? Who should you be investigating? Do you need to hire a forensic expert? What kinds of power differentials exist in your case? How do you gain the trust of your client and those who support them?

Join Bill Barton and his long-time investigator, Harold Nash, as they answer all these questions and more in this 60-minute program designed to help you take on cases that involve survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Additional topics include:

  • Legal guidelines for investigators
  • Using mandatory reporting laws
  • Prior notice
  • Direct liability
  • Vicarious liability

Bill Barton has successfully litigated claims of sexual exploitation against some of the most influential institutions of American society. In the mid-80s Bill obtained one of the first verdicts against the Boy Scouts of America. In 2004, Barton and his client refused to settle a case against the archdiocese of Portland so that the public could know the truth about what had happened. It is the first time in history an archdiocese went into bankruptcy. In addition to parishioners, he has also represented Catholic priests in their claims against the Catholic church. He is also the first lawyer to successfully, file, serve, and state a legal cause of action against the Vatican for the sexual abuse of a minor in John V. Doe v. Holy See, et. al.

Harold Nash has worked with Barton Trial Attorneys as a legal investigator for over 30 years. Through his work for the firm, he has contributed to many successful verdicts in sex abuse cases.

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On Demand Program: 85 Minutes
Original Air Date: 04/21/2021

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