Improving Settlements & Verdicts in Minor Impact Cases - On Demand CLE

Aaron DeShaw

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Enhance your legal expertise and gain invaluable insights with the thought-provoking webinar, Improving Settlements and Verdicts in Minor Impact Cases. Thanks to evolving federal crash-test standards, modern vehicles often display minimal damage and can easily mask potentially significant injuries. Led by Aaron DeShaw, this session is designed to equip personal injury lawyers with effective tools for defeating challenges from insurance adjusters and defense attorneys.

Webinar highlights:
  • Unpacking the strategies used by insurers to manipulate juror perspectives through the use of junk science
  • Examining the oversight of defense biomechanists in accounting for critical peak acceleration factors that affect injuries
  • How to get a claim withdrawn from an insurance company's “minor impact” division
  • A range of additional insights to enrich your legal knowledge

Register today to learn how you can strengthen your approach to minor impact cases, enhance your effectiveness when advocating for clients with hidden injuries from apparently minor accidents, and refine your expertise in the field of personal injury law. This newfound knowledge will enable you to elevate your success in securing higher settlements and verdicts in minor impact cases.

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Original Air Date: 09/14/2023

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