How to Craft Closing Arguments that Maximize Damages - On Demand CLE

Eric Fong & Ben Wells

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You’ve selected your jury, crafted your case, and now it’s time for the grand finale: your closing argument. If done well, your closing will offer your jurors strong talking points with a clear plan of action; if done poorly, your closing will leave them overwhelmed and unmotivated. So, how do you craft a closing that delivers exactly the verdict you want?

A well-constructed closing creates energy in jurors, imbues them with purpose, and puts them on the path toward a meaningful verdict. By asking rhetorical questions, stating exactly what you’re asking for, and leaving room for authenticity, you offer jurors a roadmap they can use to deliver justice for your client.

Join trial attorneys Eric Fong and Ben Wells as they teach you how to deliver a compelling closing argument. Building on the foundations of their previous trial strategy webinars, Fong and Wells offer a compelling presentation showcasing their decades of trial experience and work fighting for plaintiffs.

This 90-minute webinar will cover:

  • Strategic advice for dealing with defense lawyers' tactics
  • How to bring up monetary damages
  • Utilizing reenactment as a strategy in closing
  • Techniques for building trust with the jury
  • How juries react differently to defense vs plaintiff lawyers
  • Finding your authentic voice in closing
  • Simplifying your case story
  • Preparation and organization of your closing argument

Closing arguments are a critical component of the trial process. They require spontaneity, preparation, and deep authentic expression. Don’t be caught unprepared in your next trial.

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On Demand Program: 114 Minutes
Original Air Date: 02/28/2024

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