Hire Slow, Fire Fast: A Lawyer's Guide to Building a High Performance Team

Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

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Do you feel like your firm’s employees may be holding you back? Are you concerned about how to find the right person for a new position? Staffing issues consistently rank among the most frustrating practice-management issues for lawyers. Despite the importance of a good staff, law firms often don’t take the time necessary to ensure they are hiring the right person, or to ensure the new employee understands how to help the firm achieve its goals. Lawyers who fail to terminate employees when it is obvious they are dragging the firm down make the problem worse, creating a bad work environment for the firm’s clients, staff, and lawyers.

Your firm can only deliver on your greatest potential if you can build a high performance team. How do you resolve these problems once you recognize them? And how do you find the right employees to provide your firm with the greatest success?

In Hire Slow, Fire Fast, two of the nation’s leading law firm management consultants, Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis, provide you with all of the necessary steps to find employees who can deliver. Step by step, they walk you through the correct procedure to weed out bad applicants (and employees) and hire the best people. Chapters address important issues such as:

  • Pre-recruitment tasks for the firm
  • Interviewing
  • Testing
  • Orientation and training
  • Motivating your team
  • Troubleshooting performance problems
  • Identifying and troubleshooting morale problems
  • Troubleshooting management and partner problems
  • Minimizing defection of quality employees
  • And more


Mark Powers

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Shawn McNalis

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Paperback: 285 pages; 1st edition (2013); ISBN: 978-0615845029
Publisher: Atticus®, Inc.
  1. About the Authors
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction

  4. Pre-Recruitment
  5. Interviewing
  6. Hiring & Testing
  7. Orientation & Training
  8. Giving Feedback
  9. Motivating & Recognizing Your Team
  10. Troubleshooting
    1. Performance Problems
    2. Morale Problems
    3. Management Issues
    4. Presentation Problems
    5. Defection
    6. Weather Disasters

  11. Final Words
  12. Appendix #1: The Omnia Selection Report
  13. Appendix #2: Bonus Chapter: Asset #3 The Marketing Assistant
  14. Index