Handling Trucking Cases - On Demand

Joe Fried

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Trucking cases are not just big auto cases. Trucking cases involve special safety regulations, unique industry safety and operational standards, a complex array of insurance issues, more complex crash dynamics and reconstruction issues, and a whole lot more. In this lecture, one of America’s leading trucking lawyers shares the key things you need to know and biggest mistakes you need to avoid when you handle trucking crash cases. This is real-world tested and proven information, presented in an immediately usable way.

In this video you will learn:

  • The key trucking safety regulations you need to know and how and when they apply
  • The key trucking industry documents you must obtain and understand how to use in every trucking case
  • How to find and prove trucking industry standards with Joe’s unique layering approach
  • How to use a Rules of the Road approach when examining trucking company Rule 30(b)(6) designees and safety directors
  • When higher standards of “extreme caution” apply in trucking cases
  • When a pickup truck can be held to commercial motor vehicle standards
  • Post-crash drug and alcohol testing requirements
  • How to build your case so every juror will care about the outcome
  • And so much more

Whether you’re in your first year of practice or your thirtieth, this video will provide you with proven methods for more successfully handling trucking cases.

On Demand Program: 116 minutes
Original Air Date: 2016