Handling Disputes in Written Discovery - On Demand CLE

Jennifer K. O’Connell

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The discovery stage lays the foundation of your case. Through strategic production requests, you focus your case on the issues at hand, arm yourself with evidence to use at trial, and streamline the path to a full and fair resolution.

Far too often, however, the discovery stage becomes adversarial. Asking the opposing party for information can result in delay, denial, and unproductive legal squabbling. While there is no way to prevent some discovery requests from becoming contentious, there is a way to make these points of discord work in your favor. 

Join Jennifer O’Connell of Queener Law as she shows how to turn discovery disputes into a goldmine of opportunity for your case. This webinar will cover:

  • Preparing your list of requests for production
  • Maintaining an amicable rapport with opposing counsel
  • Signaling that you are serious about the process of discovery through firm, professional redirection
  • Reading opposing counsel’s discovery responses to determine what they may be concealing
  • Narrowing in on missing links, and determining how to ask for the withheld materials

Even after confirmation from opposing counsel that everything has been exchanged, the discovery dispute process may not be finalized. The next steps of litigation are equally important to ensure nothing is left on the table–or under it. If there is, Jennifer will show you how to add to the value of your client’s case through post-discovery practice. 

This method can apply to all types of civil litigation, and can help take the sting out of a contentious dispute process. Through this method, discovery should arm you with all the tools you need to support your client’s case to the fullest, and ensure they receive the best possible outcome in mediation or trial.

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On Demand Program: 60 Minutes
Original Air Date: 04/02/2024

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