Evidence Collection and Analysis in Truck Accident Lawsuits - On Demand CLE

Jay Vaughn

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Trucking accident lawsuits can lead to big verdicts—but they can also expose attorneys to big mistakes. Without an understanding of the evidence collection and analysis required, your trucking case can slow, stall, or settle for less than its full value.

You don’t need to be a mechanic or accident reconstructionist to know what evidence to look for—or what questions to ask—when analyzing truck accident cases. Jay Vaughn, a seasoned trial attorney and one of the first attorneys to be board-certified in truck accident law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, shares this knowledge in a new 60-minute webinar.

Attendees will learn how to gather, preserve, and analyze evidence in their trucking accident lawsuits. Vaughn delves into every aspect of trucking accident litigation, from pre-suit planning to examining the evidence yourself.

Topics covered:

  • ​​Arranging a pre-suit inspection with the motor carrier, truck driver & insurance company
  • Vehicle inspections: essential items, cosmetic clues, and electronic systems analysis
  • Following the electronic paper trail, including system control modules, dash cams, GPS devices, telematic systems, collision avoidance technology, ELD, and more
  • Hiring and vetting expert witnesses
  • Reviewing insurance documents, registration documents, driver’s logs, trip documents, and bills of lading
  • Vetting experts to testify about CMV mechanics, biomechanical issues, cargo/load securement, and product liability
  • How to perform an inspection yourself, from clothing to safety equipment and miscellaneous items

Don't miss this opportunity to discover invaluable strategies for success—and take on your next trucking case with confidence.

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