Event Data Recorders: Understanding Vehicle "Black Boxes” - On Demand

Dr. Stephen Wagner

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In today's vehicles, event data recorders (often referred to as “EDRs” or “black boxes”) are ubiquitous. In legal proceedings, however, their full potential has yet to be realized.

Led by Dr. Stephen Wagner, a seasoned chiropractor and expert witness with over fourteen years of experience in trauma cases, this 90-minute webinar will unravel the complexities surrounding EDRs and underscore their relevance in legal contexts.

Key topics include:

  • EDR activation triggers: Understand the specific events that prompt EDRs to record discoverable data—from collisions to abrupt changes in vehicle dynamics.
  • Data recording mechanisms: Delve into the technical intricacies of how EDRs capture and store essential information, as well as the data retrieval process.
  • Data retention/overwrite considerations: Explore the factors that influence data retention periods and the potential for crucial information to be overwritten without due care.
  • Limitations to data capture: Examine scenarios where certain evidence is accurately recorded by EDRs, and explore the nuances of EDR data interpretation. Learn how to discern misinterpretations of EDR data and challenge your opposing counsel's arguments.
  • Relevant vehicle data: Identify critical data points within EDR records that can significantly improve legal outcomes for your case.
  • Strategic deposition questioning: Equip yourself with effective lines of questioning to elicit insights from EDR data during depositions.

This webinar is essential for attorneys who want to leverage the compelling evidentiary power of EDR data in their liability disputes, personal injury cases, and other legal matters. Join us to improve your understanding of the intersection between automotive technology and legal practice.

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Original Air Date: 05/30/2024