Economic Damages for Military Personnel: Taking Command Over Claims of Loss - On Demand CLE

Michael D. McCarthy

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In this exclusive video, attorney and military case consultant Michael D. McCarthy offers insights into handling cases involving military personnel. This CLE presentation is intended for practicing lawyers who may be engaged in a case involving a person whose earnings (or earning potential) as a member of the United States Armed Forces have been jeopardized.  

Whether you represent a plaintiff or defendant in a case in which a person claims loss of military earnings or earning capacity in the context of a civil case for damages, you must evaluate the validity of those claims—and be prepared to offer competent and persuasive evidence to prove your position. During this program, we will address the topics necessary to understand the impacts an injury may have on an individual’s military career. 

Topics include:

  • The Official Military Personnel File: Understand how to obtain an individual’s military records, what to look for once you get them, and how to master the military terminology that will be helpful in your case.
  • Military Career Patterns and Regulations: Understand the unique challenges posed by service promotion and retention policies and the effects they can have on future earning potential.
  • Ending a Military Career: Military careers end for a number of reasons and in a number of different ways. Understanding these processes is essential to understanding the impact an injury has on a service member’s career.
  • Military Pay Structure: Gain an understanding of military compensation, allowances, and potential areas of vulnerability that may affect your clients’ earnings. 
  • Proving Economic Damages: Credibility and experience are essential. Learn what questions you should ask when hiring a military expert. 

This webinar is tailored to provide helpful insights for practicing legal professionals who deal with cases involving members of the United States Armed Forces. Whether you represent a military member or are defending a party who seeks to rebut their claim, this webinar will prove invaluable.

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On Demand Program: 70 Minutes
Original Air Date: 01/11/2024

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