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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases are among the most challenging types of personal injury lawsuits. With a daunting amount of medical data—and a battalion of defense medical examiners skilled at confusing your jurors and diminishing your client’s pain—every TBI case can pose a unique set of challenges, even for the most skilled trial attorney.

Board-certified trial lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey joins the Trial Guides lecturer lineup with a new webinar aimed at demystifying TBI cases. With a legal practice spanning four decades, Hickey offers a seasoned perspective on what to expect—and how to handle the unexpected—in every TBI case.

Among the topics to be covered:
  • Asking intake questions that get to the root of the case
  • Understanding the anatomy of the skull and brain
  • Interpreting EMT reports and client medical records
  • Preparing for the predictable defenses in a TBI case
  • Evaluating medical testing types based on your client’s medical history
  • Vetting medical experts to use in mediation or trial
  • Determining your most important witnesses, and emphasizing (or responding to) their main points
  • Helping your client to understand their loss and advocate for themselves
  • Preparing your client for testimony, in deposition and at trial

Starting with the five key questions to ask at every client intake, Hickey arms his webinar participants with useful information to take into their next TBI case. You’ll master the art of the counterargument, and face down the defense with confidence.

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