Debunking Courtroom Myths: Jury Strategies that Actually Work - On Demand CLE

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For an industry intended to uproot falsehoods and expose the truth, the legal field is plagued with myths about the practice of trial law itself. Whether they know it or not, many trial lawyers have subconsciously woven a myth or two into their practice. These tidbits of “common knowledge” may sound plausible, but they are at best unproven—and, at worst, outright wrong.

R. Rex Parris joins Trial Guides for a 90-minute webinar aimed at debunking common courtroom myths that may be compromising your trial practice. With a presentation aimed at the most prevalent beliefs that hold lawyers back, Parris will help separate hard facts from hearsay.

Topics to be covered:
  • Preconditioning: One common myth is the notion that "preconditioning" a jury, or shaping their perspectives before the trial begins, is a surefire way to sway their opinions. Fact or fiction?
  • Psychological Anchoring: Anchoring is a powerful psychological concept, often successfully used to influence courtroom decision-making. But how do jurors truly perceive these anchors, and will they affect your verdicts?
  • Jury Instructions: Jury instructions are perhaps the most fundamental—and misunderstood—part of any trial. We explore common misperceptions surrounding jury instructions and offer a clearer perspective on their importance, limitations, and timing.

If you’re ready to separate fact from fiction, challenge your thinking, and improve your trial outcomes, don’t miss this exciting new webinar.

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On Demand Program: 112 Minutes
Original Air Date: 11/16/2023

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