Debunking Courtroom Myths II: Understanding Juror Motivations - On Demand CLE

R. Rex Parris

Format: On Demand Program
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R. Rex Parris continues his series on courtroom myths that plague the legal profession with a new presentation on understanding juror motivations.

In this 90-minute jury bias CLE, Parris will cover:
  • Exposing the Lie: In the pursuit of justice for your client, it is crucial to expose deception. Parris discusses innovative ways to challenge falsehoods presented in court, ensuring that the facts come to light and justice prevails.
  • Understanding Juror Motivations: Behind every juror's decision lies a complex web of motivations. In many cases, financial considerations can heavily influence a juror’s choices. We dissect these motivations and their potential impact on verdicts.
  • The Emotional Jury: Attempting to make the jury emotional is an often misguided courtroom tactic. We delve into the science of emotions and explain why making the jury sad or angry does not necessarily translate to a more favorable verdict.
  • Playing the Odds: Finally, we explore the concept of "playing the odds" in jury selection and trial strategy. What are the risks and rewards of this approach, and how can it be used effectively to build a compelling case?

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On Demand Program: 88 Minutes
Original Air Date: 02/08/2024

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