Damages: Correctly Determining Life Expectancy - On Demand

Michael D. Freeman

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Anytime there is a permanent injury, life expectancy will play a part in calculating damages. In some cases, a difference of a few years can result in a major change in your client's economic loss. Some pattern jury instructions, or case law, will suggest using the mortality tables. But what if the mortality tables are wrong for your client, and the difference will leave your client uncompensated for years of financial losses?

In this Trial Guides recorded webinar, forensic epidemiologist Dr. Michael Freeman discusses the calculation of life expectancy. He explains how the defense misuses the mortality tables, and why plaintiffs' lawyers, who depend upon these mortality tables for calculating future economic losses, presently misunderstand them. He discusses how the mortality tables underestimate life expectancy by as much as 50 percent, thereby improperly decreasing claim value. Dr. Freeman shows how to calculate life expectancy correctly, how to quantify errors in the defense projections, and how to obtain valid life expectancy values in cases where such a projection is needed.

This program can completely change the way you think about damages in your permanent injury cases.

Damages: Correctly Determining Life Expectancy from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

On Demand Program: 56 minutes
Original Air Date: 2013
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