Cashflow & Profitability: What Law School Didn’t Teach You About Running a Successful Law Firm

Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis

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Many attorneys are confident in their legal skills but are left with little guidance for running a small or solo practice. Cashflow & Profitability guides lawyers through successful strategies that will strengthen their firms and increase profits in a healthy, sustainable way—thereby increasing their ability to serve their clients to the best of their ability.

This book offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow protocols, customizable templates, and useful rules for building a firm that's financially well-organized and profitable.

You will learn rules that will help you successfully:

  • Set sustainable rates
  • Select the right clients
  • Boost your team's capacity to capture and optimize their productivity
  • Divide the labor across your firm, delegate, and leverage technology to help your team best serve your clients in a more efficient manner
  • Know the key ratios, costs, and expenses you should have, and learn to minimize unnecessary expenditures
  • Understand why the faster you bill, the higher your profit margin

Mark Powers

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Shawn McNalis

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Paperback: 194 pages; 1st edition (2020); ISBN: 9780578756387
Publisher: Atticus®, Inc.
  1. About the Authors
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction

  4. Chapter 1: Building Your Firm's Financial Foundation
  5. Chapter 2: Rates and Realization
  6. Chapter 3: Utilization
  7. Chapter 4: Leverage
  8. Chapter 5: Expenses
  9. Chapter 6: Speed

  10. Final Words
  11. Appendix #1: Bonus Chapter
  12. Appendix #2: Bonus Chapter
5 star rating
Based on 1 review
5 out of 5 stars Based on 1 review
Augustus C.
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5 star rating
Excellent Resource
This book is exactly what I needed. I wanted a resource to help me with the business side of practicing law. It didn’t disappoint. I’ve already implemented many of the book’s suggestions.
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