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John G. Simon

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You’ve selected your jury and presented your case; now it’s time to secure the verdict. Are you ready for your closing statement? Studies show that a clear, compelling closing argument can be the difference between a big verdict—or a vexing loss.

Trial Guides invites you to learn how to build a winning closing argument with John G. Simon, a seasoned trial attorney and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates. John will examine the main objectives of a compelling closing argument: arming your jury, using the law to strengthen your case, and enlisting the jurors as part of your winning team.

You’ll get practical examples for motivating your jury and keeping their attention—all while avoiding pitfalls like repetition or overconfidence. John will demonstrate how to use jury instructions to structure your argument, as well as how to combat those specious, nonlegal defenses. Finally, he will provide several real-life examples of how these methods have been used to build a winning closing argument.

This comprehensive webinar will also cover:

  • preparation strategies and closing argument structure
  • using jury instructions as a scaffold to show the legal path to a plaintiff' verdict
  • handling life expectancy/life care factors
  • real-life examples that hit close to home for your jurors
  • the Golden Rule approach
  • appropriate closing argument demeanor, including expressing emotion
  • challenging the defendant to address lingering issues including damages
  • handling comparative fault and “preponderance of the evidence”
  • framing simple sympathy as an excuse for inaction
  • issues surrounding money, greed, and client worthiness
  • prejudicial pretexts and ad hominem attacks (age, immigration status, prior convictions, etc.)
  • discussing the importance of the verdict
  • asking for an amount with confidence and credibility

A strong closing argument does more than just restate the facts; it distills your case, simplifies your side, and energizes your jury to render justice for your client.

About the Speaker
John G. Simon is Managing Partner at The Simon Law Firm, where he has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for past clients. The author of several published works, Simon is an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University School of Law. For 30 years, John Simon has devoted himself to fighting for the victims of negligence in St. Louis and across the nation, with a belief in the power of hard work, persistence, and dedication to the art of trial advocacy.

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On Demand Program: 60 minutes
Original Air Date: 12/20/2022

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