Binocular Vision Dysfunction: An Unsuspected but Treatable Cause of Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms - On Demand

Dr. Randall Benson

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This brain injury video features one of the world’s leading behavioral neurologists and imaging neuroscientists, Dr. Randall Benson, as he discusses binocular visual dysfunction (BVD)—a frequent cause of neurological symptoms in clients who have suffered mild or severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

In this presentation, Dr. Benson will explain:

  • What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction
  • What is the association between Binocular Vision Dysfunction and a TBI
  • How Binocular Vision Dysfunction can be treated

Dr. Benson will cover how binocular visual dysfunction is not a dysfunction of the eyes, and is actually altered visual processing that is the consequence of higher level processing with the central nervous system. BVD causes a broad range of symptoms, including poor depth perception, difficulty with reading and following moving objects, dizziness, balance problems, anxiety, fatigue, and head, neck, and eye pain. Dr. Benson will also show how BVD is often missed due to a lack of testing but is an easily treatable condition once it’s identified and that most clients see an improvement in their symptoms with prism lenses or vision therapy.

As this condition is frequently underdiagnosed, it is important to recognize when your TBI client may need testing and treatment so their condition can improve.

On Demand Program: 60 Minutes
Original Air Date: 08/23/2022
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